Weekly Manicure

  • Take care of your hands and nails by signing up for a weekly manicure pack. Get up to a half of regular price off!
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Weekly Pedicure

  • Make feet treatments a regular staple for each week! Book our weekly pedicure and feet treatment package and save up to a half of the initial pricing!
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Book a SPA Session by calling us at:


Cost starts at: $80.00

Duration starts at: 1h 20m

Hear our happy patients’ testimonials:

Every once in a while, we girls just have to take a break from our routine daily hectic errands and job and just step aside for some relaxation… Whenever I do it, this is the place where all the relaxation starts at for me…

Elisa Major

Whenever I feel depressed, anxious or just tired, I always need to take some chill pill and relax… Luckily, I always have had this place for those matters… Here I can both delve into a meditative rest and take care of my skin health…

Emily Watford

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